New Technology

New Technology!

At BSS, we strive to provide technology that enhances learning and strengthens instruction. Over the past two years, eighty net book computers have been purchased for use by the children in the classrooms. These are stored on carts and can be moved from room to room. Students compose writing pieces, do research, practice skills that may require remediation or work on extension activities when curriculum has been mastered. Through wireless connection, any grade level has access to the net books.

Twenty-five iPads were purchased this year for faculty use. Following a full day of in-service by the Todd County Director of Technology, teachers became more familiar with educational applications of the iPad® and how to use them with the Interwrite® boards. Teachers also explored iCloud®, the use of drop boxes, and organizational tools.

Additionally, thank you Chris Lane of Von Lehman Technology for his donation of two badly needed desk top computers for our school office.

The administration and faculty would like to express a heartfelt thank you to our generous parents, grandparents and donors from our last Evening to Treasure. Without you, our advancements in technology would not be possible!