Development Committee

In 1992, the Development Committee was created to "develop" ways to raise funds for our school, without using our children as door-to-door sales people. It was decided that our children’s only job was to be students and take away the worry and responsibility of funding our school. That year, the traditional magazine drive was replaced with the inaugural “Annual Giving Campaign”. The results were tremendous... more than twice the funds were raised, and not one family bought an un-needed magazine; not one child had to "sell" for us; and all donations were tax-deductible. Since then our annual gala, “Evening to Treasure” dinner/auction, has also been created. These two events are the primary family/parishioner/“friend of parish” fundraisers for our school.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our students. Through these two events, we are able to provide the "extras" that make Blessed Sacrament School a safe environment, academically superior, with up-to-date technology. Specific examples of how funds are used include but are not limited to: purchasing current technology for our students to use in the classroom, partial funding for the Math, Reading, Art, Music, and Spanish specialists teachers salaries, new classroom windows, and safety upgrades to our school facilities.

The Development Committee is appointed by the school Principal and consists of six to eight parents, as well as the Principal and Pastor. This governing body meets monthly. They organize, implement, and manage the two major fund raisers. They collectively distribute monies to promote the spiritual and academic successes of Blessed Sacrament School to the community. Development activities include: Annual Giving Campaign, Evening to Treasure, New Parent Orientation, Blessings (Newsletter), Fine Arts Night, Open House, and Fish Fry. 

Development Committee 2018/2019

Father Dan Vogelpohl - Pastor
Dan Steffen - Principal
Jennifer Geiman - Vice Principal
Annie Ernst - Marketing Support
Mary Enzweiler - Administrative Support

Tracie Stacy / Jessica Pfeiffer - Co-Chairs
Brennan Sweeney
Mike McKeown
Charity Kirtley
Chris Harris
Mary Ellen Farrell
Erin Woods
Adam Colvin

*Note: All parents are REQUIRED to become VIRTUS certified and it is their responsibility to remain compliant in order to participate directly with any child in any classroom setting/grounds. (See VIRTUS page)