The VIRTUS® Programs - Ensuring Safe Environments

Maximizing a school's role as a child-safe environment begins with making adults more aware of the ways children and adults interact with each other. Through the VIRTUS® programs, we are committed and dedicated to the task of constantly providing the most effective risk control measures available anywhere. All parents are REQUIRED to become VIRTUS® certified and it is their responsibility to remain compliant in order to participate directly with any child in any classroom setting/grounds.

Protecting God’s Children

The Protecting God's Children program educates and trains adults (clergy, religious, teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents) about the dangers of abuse, the warning signs of abuse, the ways to prevent abuse, the methods of properly reporting suspicions of abuse, and responding to allegations of abuse.

All VIRTUS® training programs, are multi-dimensional and comprehensive - incorporating proven best practice standards for the prevention of child sexual abuse by clergy, staff, volunteers, and others who interact with children within the church environment. Our training programs incorporate instructor-led training, train-the-facilitator education, awareness videos, and ongoing web-based training through online training bulletins and training modules via our VIRTUS® Online system.

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