Certificate Program

Certificate Program

Are you looking for a great way to help Blessed Sacrament School... and not spend any extra money or time... it's easy. Just pay for your groceries, dinner's out and gifts with BSSKY Merchandise Certificates.

There are several ways that you can participate:

Use your reloadable Remke-Biggs BSS Gift Card. Anytime you put money on the card, the school gets 4%. Everytime you put $100 on your card, the school makes $4. It does not sound like much, but when you multilply that by the number of families at BSS and then by the number of weeks in a year, the numbers are staggering. And it is EASY! To get your reloadable card, please email certificates@bssky.org or stop by the office.

Every time an enrolled member of BSS shops at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Card, BSS will earn rewards. In addition, once a household member enrolls his or her card, all linked Kroger Plus Cards within that household will begin earning funds for BSS.                                                                                           Sign-up at https://customer.kroger.com/communityrewards.aspx   Organization number: 80191

Order Gift Cards through our Certificate Program.  Local & national stores are available.  Just print the order form and send it with payment to the office in an envelope marked "Certificates".  Most orders can be filled quickly, but please allow an extra week for cards that are not in stock.  You can email us with any questions at certificates@bssky.org.

If you need something right away, the office will take "walk-in" orders of in-stock cards.

Print Gift Card Order Form